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No More Water-Borne Ilnesses, Deaths

This is the start of the ending of drinking polluted water in the world.  If one country in the world has no one drinking polluted water, what will the rest of the world do?


Here is the chronology:


JFP partnered with ABC4All following our supporting their concert in Kenya (72 ABC4All Mentors at the time in Kenya, now well over 80 with the Manager of the Conservancy they supported, Paul Killelu, having since joined as ABC4All Mentor).


Our Premiere ABC4All / JFP Concert took place in Los Angeles.  This has set the stage for what is to come:  "History in the Making."


After I referred LifeFilta.com to Jazz For Peace, unbeknownst to me, CEO Robin Severi (he has become an ABC4All Mentor)  traveled to Kenya and attended the JFP Concert there.  Robin then did the demo with Founder Rick DellaRatta present.  Following that, I some time later received (unexpectedly, they surprised me!) a press release from our Partner, JFP, that they had endorsed LF.  JFP has since created a documentary trailer with LF featured as sponsor at beginning and end (documentary in post production).


Then Robin Severi/LF also traveled to Uganda where we have about 35 ABC4All Mentors, and he did these demos there:

  1. LifeFilta Uganda Presentation in Kampala to Els De Temmerman New Vision & South Sudan Reporters.wmv

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    LifeFilta Uganda Presenation to Els De Temmerman New Vision & South Sudan Reporters 18122011.wmv

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    LifeFilta.com UGANDA

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    LifeFilta Uganda Hotel Africana Josh

ABC4All has been empowered to MATCH/DOUBLE FOREVER all donations/orders that come in for LF so we can end polluted water in any given country, with one possibility our working with Ger Duany (He has become an ABC4All Mentor) in South Sudan.


The question is, what will the world do when one country no longer has even one person drinking polluted water when we succeed to ZERO out this health hazard for the first time in any country in the world.


I recently called JFP and asked if they had ever done a subscription series - they suggested we do the first in the series and that after we do one concert, that can set the stage for a series, and after that anything is possible.


Thanks again for allowing me to explain, and please let me know if you have any questions.


ABC4All is blessed and privileged to have access to multiple advanced technologies that permit "Achieving Health Heights" so that after we do Stage 1, we will also do stage 2 which is to enhance any water with properties that improve health maintenance.    Co-Founder Bob Chew created this new paradigm for health, and he can be reached at 510-207-9437 if you want to talk to him.


This is called, Mandated Action for What The World Needs Now.




Burton Danet, Ph.D., Rejuvenated Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist (retired), Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief
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