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Global Relief Distribution

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)


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Achieve More. Spend Less.TM

Viral Loop of the Century

ABC4All is a new kind of entity in the world, one that has not existed before.  ABC4All exists to create a legacy. The legacy is described as the ABC4All Perpetuity Dream.

What does this mean? The mission of ABC4All, "Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet"™, is doable. All that is required is the understanding and cooperation of citizens in any city, town, community, state, country in the world.

ABC4All benefits worthwhile causes (schools, charities, religious groups, nonprofits, etc.) that Friends of ABC4All want to support. Anyone in the global community can join and contribute to bringing the ABC4All Perpetuity Dream into reality.


Partners Working Together for the

ABC4All Global Vision:
To share with all countries a true restoration of a
QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world

via HEALING CREATIVITY including FUNdraising via Jazz For Peace


"Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet."™

with the long-term goal of completely fulfilling the ABC4All Legacy wherein charitable contributions will be MATCHED/DOUBLED into Perpetuity.

Achieving this mission justifies the

ABC4All Mantra: MAXIMIZE Giving™


DCAT's Doing Good!™
Directed Consumerism with Automatic "TechnoGiving!"™

Now and Forever!

Is this something to share with others?

What worthwhile cause(s) do you want to support?

What 501(c)3 charity or nongovernmental causes or Education Program do you want to support?

A school? A religious group? A disease-cure foundation?

A local charity? A family in need of medical assistance?

An urgent personal crisis? A world disaster?

Helping overcome polluted undrinkable water?

ABC4All will make it possible to maximize (double) every one of such contributions you will ever make in your lifetime once the give-back model via the Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) is in place and working! This is the ABC4All Legacy.

Questions? Talk to ABC4All! Call 310-712-5477 or abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net

The ABC4All living logo,
DCAT's Doing Good!™
Reassures that you are
Maximizing Charitable Activity Always At No Cost To You!


(c) 2000 Harry Evry

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) providing Virtual FREE Distance EasyLearning at the

The ABC4All GlobiVersity: Studies that enchant, entertain, heal and educate™

Supporting NeverEnding Self-FUNding4All

Creating Formulae for a Better World

And The World of ABC4All with the ability to SAVE LIVES with

Real Relief4All via MATCHED / DOUBLED DONATIONS/ORDERS FOREVER to eliminate the drinking of polluted water in the world via FUNdraising to ZERO out!

Share: We are Local. We are Global. We are Durable. We Care.

Better Water, Better World

ABC4All Shares. ABC4All Cares. YOU Decide!™

VIDEO: 20" spot by the JOYFUL NOISE Choir



VIDEO: Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)


Logo designed by Britton Hack

Logo designed by Harry Evry

Logo designed by volunteers

The Golden Road to Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Graphic by an Angel