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Subject PLEASE VOTE TODAY! a minute of your time is all it takes! We can show what is possible in this world. We already have and will continue to do so!
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Date 2013-07-27 08:19
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Dear ABC4All Mentors:


We can see that JCK provides us with an opportunity below to make our Viral Loop of the Century work! He needs 3000 votes by tomorrow!  We can do it, all it takes is taking a brief moment to vote yourself and then forwarding this email to everyone in your network and asking them to do the same and posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.


Here is a Twitter feed with 140 characters:

VOTE TODAY: 3000 votes needed 2 secure funds4our social enterprise in Burundi, endorsed by ABC4All. Vote NOW &share: 


As we continue our respective progress working to bring Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to anyone alive who is receptive, our collective energy is producing unmatched capability in the world.  If you have not yet reviewed the attached 2 press releases issues on 7/22/12 (or CLICK! here), please do so so you can be fully informed about developments and how each and every participant with ABC4All will become self-funded if they do nothing but participate with ABC4All! 


Please keep watching your emails for further developments as we can issue the information and for sure, please vote for JCK's project - that's all it takes for us, collectively, to support what is needed -- not even a dime!


Thank you JCK for a great initiative which can be repeated anywhere in the world!  After all with 7 billion + people on the planet, half age 30 and under, what is it that we cannot accomplish collectively? 


We know the answer to that question -- NOTHING.  All is possible now that we understand what is being shared for ABC4All Participants.  Yes, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 


The book-in-progress, "Making The Impossible Possible" has a new co-editor!  ABC4All Co-Founder Scott Bruce has been facilitating many, many productive referrals which have been leading to Implementing The Legacy of ABC4All in many ways that are second to none, and his sharing such information has been catapulting the collective effort for creating The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) by huge advances - by leaps and bounds!  Read the releases and you can decide for yourself!


We are extending the invitation for ABC4All Mentors to submit a chapter for the first edition as well as invited guest authors.  No deadline!  This book will be issued in more than one edition since we have so many examples of "What A Mentor Can Do" as revealed in the site search.




From Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA:
MOTW: http://abc4all.net/mentorjeanclaudekamwenubusa.htm
Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Burundi


Recently, I applied for funding for our social enterprise established in Burundi, view my project here and vote:  http://goo.gl/4uV0r6

Or you can vote at the full URL here:  http://www.highercircle.com/campaigns/solar-light-burundi-investors#projec


Our application is now being reviewed. One criterion for receiving funding is the number of votes from friends, family, colleagues, and community.

Could you please vote for our project: SOLAR LIGHT BURUNDI INVESTORS by today? We need many votes as many possible by July 28, 2013!  With your vote, we can receive as much as $25,000 in loans to make our dreams a reality.

Thank you for support, and if you can ask others to do the same, I'd appreciate it!  We need as many votes today as possible.

Burton Danet, Ph.D. The Legacy of ABC4All: