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It is possible to inform ourselves, to learn about the genocides as this section of the Taking IT Global site will help us do.

But to experience Genocide, to survive and then to share the experience with others is something else that recently was possible to witness. 

Recently in Los Angeles, California, there was a showing of ABC4All Mentor Gilbert NDAHAYO's documentary film when it was screened at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute: http://college.usc.edu/vhi/pr/FilmScreening_BehindThisConvent.php

Behind This Convent, a documentary film produced and directed by Gilbert Ndahayo details the tragedy that befell his village during the hundred-day Rwandan Tutsi Genocide of 1994 that claimed as many as one million lives.

Upon returning to his home at the age of 13, Ndahayo discovered the bodies of his family and 200 other villagers in a pit in his backyard. Through his use of testimony from survivors, the emotional story of the nuns who witnessed the horror, and the confession of his parents' murderer, Ndahayo documents the genocide and its aftermath.

Gilbert had joined the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project and kindly sent an advance copy of the DVD, making it possible to view the entire documentary and to have an opportunity to write a review. This can be found at the ABC4All Website called, "Opportunity." One of the most heinous of experiences one could have while alive, as in Gilbert's case, has been put into juxtaposition to what is also possible in this world, namely the creation of opportunity that has never existed before.

What is the bottom line? RESTORATION OF HOPE AND DIGNITY IN LIVING. In fact, in his fervent attempt to communicate with others in the world about his experiences, Gilbert is working to restore HOPE in himself, in his remaining family members and in communities at large. To grapple with these issues when one views "Behind This Convent," is just a beginning. Through the work of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute, there will now be recordings made of the Rwanda Tutsi Genocide survivors, of which Gilbert is one. His film clearly has set the stage for another of the extraordinarly important projects being undertaken by the Institute to document genocides in the world.


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All http://abc4all.net Facilitator, ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project http://projects.takingitglobal.org/abc4allglobalteam

This web page of ABC4All is dedicated to the work of
Documentary Filmmaker Gilbert Ndahayo from Rwanda.



Gilbert states: 

I burned the first DVD of my movie "Growing roses on a bed of skeletons" to send to Burton Danet. For viewing a trailer, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBfE5UH5e88


Gilbert Ndahayo

One hundred years from now, historians who do research about our time will use video as their main resource. In the future, the past will be visual.

From his TakingITGlobal Profile:
"Gilbert Ndahayo was 13 years old when he lost his parents, a young sister and two hundred other villagers who were massacred together in his home garden in 1994 Rwanda's genocide. His home was burned to the ground. Suddenly, he was an orphan in the middle of a war zone, responsible for four younger siblings. Nobody in his family was killed by a bullet. They were burnt alive after being thrown into a pit in his parents' garden. Twelve years later, after overcoming dreadful and frightening challenges, he has emerged as a brilliant storyteller and filmmaker. He says, “I started to search for a way of healing myself and my community; this is how I landed in journalism and film-making."


A Review of Gilbert Ndahayo's "BEHIND THIS CONVENT"


Today in the mail, the DVD arrived of "BEHIND THIS CONVENT," a film by Gilbert Ndahayo.
I was able to watch the film in its entirety.
With such a film, there are no words to express all the reactions to it.
The reactions are contained in the emotions of the viewer.  What is depicted is not tolerable, yet there is struggle to come to terms with the intolerable and to move to what is next in life.
There are no solutions to such problems as depicted in "BEHIND THIS CONVENT."
What is depicted at the end of the film is unimaginable.  Civil relations between a filmmaker and those involved with a genocide that took the lives of family members.
There are many questions one might address, but none that are more important than what is underscored in the film.  The HOPE includes AWARENESS that may create impetus to restore human dignity.
There can be a new entity in the world that will encourage the harnessing of welfare emotions to work through cooperation in constructive directions.  That new entity, called ABC4All, creates a focus that does not (cannot) address each and every evil, crime, atrocity, self-destructive behavior etc. that exist.
UNITY in community is referenced in the film.
What can be addressed and focused upon is to create information in the world that offers opportunity that has not existed before.  Such information can be screened and shared with others, if appropriate.  No one is required to participate.  It is totally voluntary and the manner of participation, whatever it is, comes from within the heart and motivation of any participant.
Not everyone will want to participate.  But as more and more people gain a better way of living in the world by virtue of their participation with ABC4All, it is possible that those not motivated might eventually see the potential benefits others exhibit and thus cause them to reconsider or move in the direction of participation.  
UNITY across DIVERSITY can involve many improvements in living.  ABC4All brings information to the world which, when offered, can be voluntarily incorporated into one's life personally or into the community of that person. As individuals and communities become "better" (empowered), there may be less of a need for negative influences and more of an inclination to restore healthier modes of living.
ABC4All WorldSolutions will not quickly solve global issues.  The Cooperation and Collaboration that will evolve over time can create improvement in local and global communities along with improvements in the lives of individual citizens as well as a more caring attitude towards the planet and all within it.
"BEHIND THIS CONVENT" creates a stark contrast to the OPPORTUNITY that is being cultivated.  http://abc4all.net/opportunity.htm
Both Gilbert Ndahayo's film and the opportunity available offer choices.
There is not an iota of doubt that every frame within this extraordinarily moving documentary addresses "The Cry of the World" and that those who care can and will "Lend a Hand" to (help HEAL) create better conditions in the world: http://abc4all.net/070707.htm
There can be comfort in knowing THERE IS HOPE. http://abc4all.net/ftdth.htm
ABC4All is NOT a final frontier.  It is all we are responsible for.  http://flashpoetry.net/abc
Gilbert Ndahayo has made an indelible contribution to humanity.


Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (Retired)
Co-Founder, A Better Community for All (ABC4All)

CLICK! Watch the Documentary Trailer:


About "Growing Roses on a Bed of Skeletons:"
When the genocide breaks out in Rwanda in 1994, Gilbert's family, father, mother and young sister are killed. Along with 200 neighbours, they are attacked with hoes and then burned alive in a pit in his parent's back garden. This coming film follows what happens next... 

This ABC4All web page is dedicated to all the efforts being made across the world to create Opportunity Where None Has Existed Before via MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now.

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All

COMMENTS on the Film
C'est touchant!
When the full film?




Part 2.

Please continue to allow the viewers to see your feelings while asking questions. I have seen too many documentaries about genocides where the interviewer has a cold analytical distance to the subject.

In short, the trailer is very, very promising. God bless!


Part 1.

I agree with Mike from Romania. 

From the trailer it looks like the beginning of a masterpiece. I like everything, as Mike said, the detailed questions, in addition that you speak your own language, the detailed and not hasty filming. I also like the the authencity; "made in Rwanda", by a Rwandian, who is personally and emotionally involved in telling the story about the Rwandian Genocide.


Powerful and dignified. In the gacaca sequence, i like the emphasis on the detailed questions, which seek to expose the banality of evil. Well done Gilbert, stay strong, stay sharp, stay in touch. Mike, Romania.

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Utopia? Unrealistic? Not achievable? 


IT DOES NOT MATTER, it is not important even to think about such a doubting point of view. No need to detract us from what we know is right. Stay the course. Keep focused eyes/mind/heart set on the need.


What matters is that those who are participating and those who will participate, those who know what is right, those who want to save childrens' lives, those who want to eliminate war and create PEACE and HARMONY in the world, those who want to support Global Humanitarian Relief and provide / care for the 1.8 billion people in the world who do not have the basics in living -- TOGETHER we will keep creating and adding to the momentum and supporting the CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement with its HUMANITARIAN GOALS.


That is how we who participate LIVE, DREAM, BELIEVE IN WHAT IS RIGHT, and that is how we, the participants in this developing UNITY across the world, proceed. That is how we ACT - it is called MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now




We join forces in the COMMON UNITY that offers HOPE in the world http://abc4all.net/ftdth.htm


Children, we declare, MUST stop dying unnecessarily.


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People, we declare, MUST and WILL be given the OPPORTUNITY to lead a life based on 


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This is not a final frontier, 
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Grateful for the TEAM of TEAMS.




Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All
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"There is NO doubt now that the power of the collective force that has been generated by the Team of TEAMS will be strong, will go far, will create an unstoppable momentum that will help the world become a better place."  
--Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All

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