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Make Medical Debt A Thing Of The Past!


Make Medical Debt A Thing Of The Past!


Yale University has so much in the way of venues and resources and so many other musical groups and talent so that those resources  can be utilized in a way that will create virtually unlimited funding for Yale (get rid of student loans? support worthwhile causes? etc.)

Just look at what 3 high school students have done after I became involved with RIP Medical Debt:

What's a Nice Non-Profit Like You Doing in a Place Like ... LinkedIn?

Words From Los Angeles

Pensacola High School ‘Debt Sharks’ Taking a Big Bite Out of Local Unpaid Medical Debt

By way of example, the above illustrates what is possible.  More can be shared on request, but I'm really wondering if we can form a group of Yale persons from various backgrounds who together would become a committee exploring the options and eventually (sooner than later?) allowing ABC4All Legacy to leave a true legacy with Yale Legacy Partners.

Thanks for reviewing the above.